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$19.99 + shipping

WeeHands "At Home" DVD (Volume I)  

Produced by WeeHands and D-PAN, our WeeHands "At Home" Volume I features more than 33 ASL signs to use at home with child (age 0-6 years), language development tips and strategies, as well as 10 children's songs signed from start to finish in American Sign Language!

$24.95 + shipping

The Baby Signing Book by Sara Bingham

The Baby Signing Book teaches parents 350 developmentally appropriate American Sign Language signs. With clear instructions for every sign, memory aid, song and game, the learning in this program is easy to follow and, most important, fun for all. Language milestones are charted throughout the book so progress can be charted. The book also features a variety of visual highlights that emphasize key concepts and interesting tips.

Your copy will be signed by the author!


$12.99 + shipping

"I love You" Teething Toy

An the ideal first toy for babies to grasp and chew. Each WeeHands "I Love You" teething toy is sanded satin smooth, left unfinished; measures 3.25"/9cm from thumb to end of palm, 3.75"/10cm finger to wrist, 1.5"/4.5cm diameter center hole. Shipping begins on May 1, 2010.