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Is WeeHands Right for You?

The WeeHands Instructors team is made up of individuals who are Deaf, teachers of the Deaf, ASL interpreters, individuals with a background in education or communicative disorders and those who have worked with children with special needs. Many of our Instructors have also signed with their own children.
If you are interested in working as an independent WeeHands instructor in your community and meet the following requirements, working with WeeHands may be for you:

  • Have a strong background in American Sign Language
  • Have knowledge and respect of Deaf Culture.
  • Have experience teaching and presenting to adult audiences.
  • Have experience working with young children
  • Are familiar with the language development of children ages 0-5 years.
  • Preference will be given to those who meet the above qualifications and who have signed with your own children.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Maintain a valid email address and internet access - so that you can fully benefit from the support, personal communication and teaching tools the WeeHands community provides.
  • Adhere to your WeeHands License Agreement.
  • Require that every family enrolled in WeeHands purchase from you a WeeHands Family Guide.
  • Use the WeeHands materials exclusively for WeeHands classes. WeeHands specially designed lesson plans are not to be used in other instructional settings.

Some of the benefits of working as an independent WeeHands instructor include:

  • your own email address
  • use of the toll free WeeHands phone number, if needed
  • the WeeHands e-newsletter to current and potential class participants
  • interaction with other WeeHands Instructors online
  • an online presence for your classes through our website
  • the ability to set your own hours and schedule around the needs of your family
  • start up cost of $160 CDN for our Sign & Sing Through the Day 2-hour workshop
  • start up cost of $275 CDN for our Signing Babies I 8-week curriculum
  • opportunities to grow and learn professionally while doing something you love!
  • advice and support regarding getting started, marketing and running your own WeeHandsclasses
  • opportunities to sell, if desired, material including signing DVD's, flashcards and music CDs from the industry's leading companies.
  • opportunities to purchase our curricula for teaching signs parents, caregivers and babies.WeeHands curricula use American Sign Language vocabulary and have been enthusiastically received by families since 2001.